Relaunched 2.0

I always believe that a website is never done, when we launch a website we have to think about where it could go next and understand that the audience will evolve further. It was over the last 2 years that I had been studying my audience through data analytics and feedback from the many people I discuss web design with. In doing this, I had learned that people were telling me that my blog should be secondary since I don’t write as much as I should be and I myself should be the primary focus of my website, it was with this new focus that I had started to build the new look and feel of my relaunch in my head.

Less Blog More Me

Trying to not sound like an egotistical self centered person, but in building a website about myself I had to redo the website with more me. That means bringing photos of me, crafting a mini bio and a mini resume to help catch people’s attention. This couldn’t just be a website that just shows a blog. I had decided to spend some time with what could help catch people’s eyes. Focusing on usability, and the way the design and effects could help pull a future company in to help them filling out that contact form and asking for help.

I had the idea for the blog in my head for a long time, but I didn’t really act on it, I found the only way to get myself to buckle down and get the website done done was to take down my current website. I had pulled my website months ago and was trying to build it locally but it always got away from me, so in doing this type of psychology on myself, it helped push me to get it done done. Cause every day the website is down it could damage my websites SEO and prospective clients.

The Road Ahead

My new website is far from complete. Over the next few weeks and month I have built myself a SCRUM board of tasks that I need to do. I am being my own project manager and product manager. What are my goals for the next few weeks? Well let me sketch this out.

Tasks Ahead

  • Bug Fixes
  • QA optimization
  • Additional Design Functionality
  • Copy Updates

I believe in adding in tasks and trying to push myself to actually get updates done instead of letting them slide will help me get this up to a level that I am 100% happy with. The goal for this website is that it will become a solid CV / Resume website that is easy for even the most non tech person to use cause the feedback that I have currently collected has helped me with what I need to change and update in order for it to be easier to read and make the usability flow quicker with the user.

In Closing

I am very excited with where this website is going. My current goals to fix a bunch of the bugs that I am seeing, and make some optimization issues. THEN work on the next set of tasks. I am very excited for a few of the ideas I have of how I can make everything more fluid and I am thank everyone who has helped me with the feedback and checking out the website.

see you space cowboy…