Review: Trailhead GO

With Dreamforce going on, Salesforce dropped something that many had hoped for, for a long time. They have released Trailhead GO, which shifts the entire desktop experience to mobile. Since it was released I have spent the last few days diving into it, here are my initial impressions.

What I Took From It

Trailhead is THE place to learn Salesforce. If you are wanting to learn how to be an admin, marketer, or developer. This is the place you can learn it. Now one of the things I have always wished for is if the trailhead website was a lot more mobile friendly. It is amazing how Salesforce has packed the entire trailhead learning experience into your pocket.

Probably my favorite features of this app is having the ability to not scroll from the top to bottom when you are taking quizzes. I always found it wonky on desktop how when I had to reread something I would have to constantly jump back and forth between the text and the actual quiz at the bottom. The quiz in the app stays glued to the bottom and its just a simple click to pull up the quiz. I feel that this type of sticky bar helps keep my focus and doesn’t pull me out of learning like the desktop app can do.

Another great thing about this, is that Trailhead is free, there is no in app purchases, there is no subscription. It is just FREE.  So free is great right? Now also the design of the app is very clean, I find it to be a little simpler then the desktop website. Finding your recent modules or trails, or paths. It is beyond easy. I also do love how when new trails are added you can get notified of them.

Now what about the downside? Well there are a few things that definitely bugged me. On tablet, the scrolling isn’t on the side, its more of attached to the content and not to the edge which at times I thought the app froze but nope I wasn’t sliding my finger in the right place.

As you can see the scrolling is stuck to the content and not the outer edge

Now another thing that I noticed that would happen, is that the app did crash at various moments, especially when I tried to filter the modules on my iPad. It didn’t do this all the time but on a few occasions. Also sometimes the app doesn’t refresh correctly after you complete trails, sometimes it took multiple refreshes. I assume this could be from EVERYONE at Dreamforce checking this app out. I also kind of wish I could update my Trailhead profile, I love how I can share my Trailhead profile and see my progress and share my new completed badges but I would love to be able to edit my profile. Also there is a dark mode for the app, which all my apps run dark mode but for some odd reason I use the regular version better, it seems to make my eyes hurt and I have no idea why.

Who Is This For

If you are learning Salesforce then why not have this app? Its free and is a great companion to Trailhead. I have been using it for my Marketing Cloud and Pardot learning and I can do it on an ipad and I can have onenote opened and taking notes about what I am learning.  If you are trying to learn Salesforce I would highly suggest you download this app and get started, this is a great launch this week with only a few hiccips in the app which shows how polished and focused Salesforce was on making this app work.


  • Very Well Polished
  • Great for on the go learning


  • Minor Bugs
  • Dark Mode seems off
  • Can’t update your profile


This was a very nice surprise that Salesforce released and I am highly glad they did. I have used it at a dentist office, waiting in line for food. Its will become one of my many learning apps I use for when I have a few minutes free somewhere. I can’t wait to see where Salesforce takes this app in the future.

see you space cowboy…