Working From Home: Part 3 – Ways To Stay Mentally and Physical Fit

One of the biggest questions I have gotten from people is how do I stay mentally and physically fit while being cooped up all day. Being indoors a lot more than normal and having to adjust your way of living can take a huge toll on people, it is taxing on the mind so this is why I am talking about the apps / things I do to keep myself focused and physically fit. Also just for the record, I think the reason why I been so ok with being cooped up all day is because I am mentally training for space travel.

Staying Physically Fit

Nike Training
The nike training app has gone free…well more free and a lot of their workouts are there for you to do. Now I bet you are wondering, “what if I don’t have the equipment?” I have some goodnews for you, there are a lot of workouts that can just be done in the home without any exercise equipment at all and the way it walks you through it is very nice. My only problem with the app is that there isn’t an ipad app cause sometimes if you are working out with multiple family members and you go off of a phone, it can make it difficult for everyone to see the screen.

Zombies RUN!
The zombies run app is one of the must have apps if you have an indoor thread mill. It is an interactive adventure app, where you play a runner and you are getting supplies for your town in order to help them survive. The story is very well done and if you enjoy zombies and can’t go running outside due to lockdown but have a threadmill then I highly suggest you download this app.

Eating Healthy
Eating right is one of those things that can definitely get away from you. Being stuck at home and always being in your jammies can build that comforting mindset and snacking can develop from this. One of the best pieces of advice I can give you to avoid the work from home 15. Yes thats what I call it, the work from home 15, kind of like the freshman 15. Replace the snacks with healthy foods, so instead of ice cream, go with yogurt(sugar free) if you can. Replace chips with baked or even vegetables like celery. Replacing junk with healthy can definitely keep your body boosted especially with getting away from energy drinks and moving towards more tea, and making your own cold brew that isn’t loaded with sugars and sweeteners.

Staying Mentally Fit

Podcast & Audio Books
I always say, keep your mind jumpstarted. While I work I will usually be listening to podcast or classical music. When I am not working I will listen to Audio books just so I can be more focused on that. I try to stay away from too much news cause it can definitely damper on your focus hearing negative news constantly. I listen to podcasts that are about my job and how I can improve better. It helps constantly bring in new ideas that I might not have developed yet, its a way to passively learn. So instead of putting on the office for the millionth time. Playing something else in the background might help you out for the better.

Play some video games
This might be surprising but video games help with building cognitive focus. Decision making, planning, and will help just overall mental health. I am not talking about escaping for days on end in a video game but having it like a hobby can help. Especially with leisure focused games like Stardew Valley or Journey or Animal Crossing. These games can definitely help keep your mind healthy. If you aren’t a gamer then you might want to look into maybe buying something small at first. A lot of the old retro games are coming back and if you enjoy the classics then maybe order one of the retro comics.

Now would be a good time to catch up on some books, the libraries might be closed but there are a lot digital libraries that you can check out books digitally. Its something I do enjoy doing, sometimes laying down with a good book helps keep one going. I lately have been reading books that relate to my job but I switch it up with a fictional book after I am done with my work book.

When it comes to working from home, sometimes its best to just completely unplug. Ditch the electronics and just focus on worrying about your mental health, relaxing in whatever way you can help. Sometimes unplugging can be getting reconnected with our old hobbies, such as painting, reading, photographer or just laying on the floor doing nothing. Its totally ok.

Learn something new
Since I have been inside a lot and I haven’t had to leave my place for political meetings, tech gatherings and conventions I have devoted most of my time to learning. Lately I have been learning some python and machine learning. If you are wanting to learn something new, you might want to check out apps like Coursera , Swift Playgrounds,  and Duolingo, while you are at home, try learning something new.

If learning something new isn’t your thing, then by all means just rest and relax. If that is what you enjoy then do it. I know a few of my friends who have been napping more and they say it helps with keeping them relaxed.

Getting Food

When it comes to ordering food, I always go with one of the many food apps out there. I actually don’t use them to deliver food for me but I use it for more food ordering pick up. I have found it to be a lot simpler then having to wait for the food to be delivered cause when I usually order and drive over to the food place and when I get there its always warm and ready. Now which one do I prefer? Any of them actually, some of my favorite local places are on one of the apps or the others. So you kind of need to have a few of them to completely cover the restaurant spectrum.

Instacart or First Party Apps

For grocery shopping, I use instacart through costco I have found it to be very effective for getting my groceries delivered. However some places have first party apps like HEB, wal mart and target. What is first party? they are the apps that are built by the store, so if you can use the first party app. Now when picking up groceries or any other type of store supplies, they have definitely help me cut back on me being out and keeping me inside, I have gone from spending maybe 2 hours a week at a store to literally 20 minutes total for everything. Shopping and picking up is one of those things that is definitely scary at first but trust me its like flying it just becomes more natural over time. And not having to worry about getting the kids or getting your face masks and gloves and going inside is definitely very good for your mental health.


When it comes to working from home, especially nowadays when we all feel trapped. Its important to remember that this isn’t absolute, we won’t be trapped forever but it is for a time, so its a small adjustment. Hopefully these tips about keeping yourself mentally and physically fit can help you with maintaining your focus.