Review: Navigating Hybrid Scrum Environments

In being in doors a lot lately and catching up on my humble bundle reading and wanting to learn more knowledge about scrum.I decided to dive into this book about navigating hybrid scrum environments by Frederik M. Fowler , feel free to check out my review and if you decide on buying it, I have provided links to all the digital bookstores below.


SCRUM is one of those words that is used a lot in technology companies. “We use SCRUM as our process.” But what is it? SCRUM is a framework and a way for a company to become better at improving productivity and to deliver value to a product.

What I took away

Some of the biggest things I took away from this was about what exactly a SCRUM master is supposed to do. Usually when we think of the SCRUM master we think of someone who assigns tasks, but that’s not entirely it, a SCRUM master isn’t a boss but more of a leader, mentor, teacher. They are there to help people get the job done, assigning the right task to the right person and helping to keep the flow going.

One of the great things about this book series is that it provides examples of how companies have utilized scrum and also how some companies have not used SCRUM to its full extent and can hurt the company and the product goals. Scrum can’t just be a “tool” per say but it must be a shift in the mindset of the company.

Who is this book for?

This book isn’t a complete breakdown of what it means to turn a company SCRUM but I see it more of a stepping off point for a company or someone wanting to learn more about how it can help their company. This book is short and sweet, it is a quick read to gain a general understanding of being a scrum master or using it to better your company. If you are wanting to learn about a burndown chart and calculating better story points and velocity this book doesn’t go deep into it.


I have started diving more into SCRUM these last few weeks. I have been a JR scrum master on projects and learning about why things are the way they are in an agile approach will help me become a better scrum master in the future. I have a few more scrum books in the works and you can definitely expect a review on those in the future.

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