Where Should Star Wars Go From Here?

Being trapped indoors and having Disney + as well as having the ability to binge the entire Star Wars Saga has got me thinking…where should it go now? I do know they are working on a new movie trilogy based within the High Republic era but what about the future. We have seen the past before in some way with the Old Republic and the prequel trilogy. But what about Rey, Finn and Poe? What will happen with them…well I had a radical idea and one that will probably really make a lot of people upset. So here it goes.

“Let the past die. Kill it if you have to”

I know the sequel trilogy wasn’t perfect, but it did have some good ideas and amazing character interactions. However, one thing that I never understand is why it was always Sith vs Jedi, empire vs republic. Sith win, Jedi win, and back and forth it goes, round and round again and again. But what is something we haven’t seen before? The enemy of my enemy…and that’s where my idea springs from. What if the dark and the light had to work together to stave off the destruction of everything.

“Fear is the path to the dark side”

Upon doing some research into the history of Star Wars, I dug into the deep history of Star Wars and some of the old comic books and came across the Yuuzhan Vong. They were a race that came in after the fall of the empire and destroyed most of the galaxy with their war which was called “The Vong War”. The Vong is a race built on pain and hating all things built on technology. So, if a civilization uses technology, they are the enemy. The thing that makes them so dangerous is that they are absent from the force which means that Jedi and Sith would have a hard time sensing them. Also to make matters worse is that lightsabers don’t really work against them. Thus, they render the Jedi useless to a degree.

This new type of enemy could very much change the fabric of the Star Wars universe as a whole. Imagine this as a setup, the galaxy finally learns peace only for a new enemy to come from outside the galaxy and threatens to destroy everything. How would our heroes handle it? Would they turn towards the dark side? Or how far would they be willing to go to protect the galaxy?

Star Wars Theory dives into the Vong War

A strong conflict and dilemma can help create an amazing trilogy. When I think back on a few series, Game of thrones / The Expanse / Battlestar Galactica with how far a character would go to win, or even something like Modern Warfare with the characters facing very grey areas in war. We haven’t really seen that in the main trilogy. If our heroes are backed into a corner, would it be interesting to see the Republic look into building a imperial super weapon to turn the odds? Will Rey bring out her inner Palpatine in order to survive? Would Finn train children in order to build an army like he was when the First Order took him? Would Poe handle building a planet killing weapon to stop an enemy from destroying other inhabitable systems?

For those of you who don’t know, the original trilogy was anti-Vietnam war film series. We could also see that play out in the new series but bring in new ideas such as with how the Afghanistan War played out, people sacrificing their freedoms for safety and if the ends really do justify the means. In a new trilogy we could see our heroes evolve because in the sequel trilogy we never see them evolve too much besides Finn. Rey is always conflicted by her path, Poe is just Poe, and Finn evolves from scared storm trooper to hero fighting for what’s right. If a new trilogy decided to do something bold with these characters, it would be quite unique to see the Jedi using Sith powers or working together with the Sith exiles, or even the Republic searching for Imperial super weapons blueprints to fight against this new enemy.

“So this is how liberty dies…”

The original trilogy had a great effect on many science fiction series and changed movies as we know it. Before then, there were no trilogies or connected movies and then become something more with books and comics and video games. We have seen how Star Wars have influenced many other series, Mass Effect, Avengers, Homeworld, The Hunger Games, Game of Thrones. I believe now it is time for Star Wars to break from the mold it is stuck in and forever change cinema again and that sometimes it takes a bold move to make it happen.

rey skywalker