A Great Man Doesn’t Seek to Lead. He’s called to it

The start of 2020 seemed like it was going to be normal, I started a new job, started traveling for work. Then everything changed in March, a divergence happened, and we were all forced to work from home. Last year, I had a tough time trying to figure out what to write due to always being at home and trapped indoors, and it is probably the only time in the last decade where I haven’t written something. Well 2021 has been a different year, being able to see family again and life slowly feeling kind of normal.

This past year I have started learning project management, gaining skills in leading teams, and understanding how to work as a better team member. I would say leading is something that I have become more comfortable with over the past year with leading marketing cloud teams; however as in the episode of Battlestar Galactica where Starbucks must be in the room where the decisions are made instead of with your team, it’s a change in work style, leading that is.

Another thing I have come to enjoy is focusing on my mental health, due to the stress of how the world is right now, I focus on going on walks outdoors, eating healthy, trying to relax more, and playing calming games like No Man’s Sky or Stardew Valley. It’s something all people need to find time for is just relaxing and finding distractions. One of the big distractions that has helped me keep my focus is learning, from learning about data analytics, to getting more certifications and especially diving back into my favorite tv series Star Trek.

One of my favorite tv universes is Star Trek, from TOS, to Next Gen, to Discovery, and even the new series Lower Decks. Star Trek has been one of the big helpers in terms of keeping me sane and as crazy as this sounds can teach a lot about leadership, working together, putting the group above the individual, and of course discussing our issues as well as willing to see the other side which I feel was lost in the past 2 years.

These past 2 years have been a study in how we adapt to stressful situations and how we can work together to get through these tough times. I think in the future I will continue the leadership path and going more into the marketing learning path. I also hope to speak at an upcoming convention which is something I haven’t done in a long time so here’s to the next year and seeing where it all goes.

Photo by James Padolsey on Unsplash