Texas Dreaming 2023 Announcement

So without a doubt I haven’t been blogging, I have been kind of sucked into passing my Marketing Cloud Developer certification, and studying for the interaction studio accreditation (I’m not calling it “Personalization”). But in that time, I have submitted a panel for Texas dreaming. What is texas dreaming you asked? It’s a Salesforce event for all of Texas to come and learn about more Salesforce, its for networking, meeting people, shaking hands, and overall a pretty good event that takes place over 2 days.

What surprised me was that my panel and idea that was put forth was indeed selected. I have been spending quite a bit of time working on a PowerPoint and a presentation and practicing cause public speaking is one of those things you gotta practice at, well something I have to practice at. Here is a small teaser of my panel.

It will be to inform newcomers both individuals and companies looking to adopt and inform to what is Marketing Cloud, why they should be using it and how you can get started with learning about Marketing Cloud. But it will also be about teaching about how companies on average maybe utilize only around 20% of marketing clouds full capabilities and negate the rest of it.  This panel is more geared towards beginners and helping people and companies to break into the Marketing Cloud world and start to understand why they should go after it.

Here there be dragons marketing cloud myths and beginner tips

If you are wanting to attend Texas Dreaming and buying a ticket to learn more about salesforce and seeing other speak you can see more information here.

I would highly suggest to anyone wanting to learn more about salesforce or gain a bigger understanding of Salesforce to come. Or if you want a network or gain some guidance or meet some of the big salesforce companies within texas or even networking and seeing where the road takes you cause sometimes all it takes is one convention.