Will AI replace my job? Marketing CRM Edition

One of the questions I see popping up and being asked is, “Will the AI Revolution replace my job?” The answer is very simple; it’s a no. The Marketing CRM space will evolve yet again but how will it evolve with the use of “AI”. Well, I have some thoughts.

AI is everywhere, from Salesforce’s Einstein integration to IBM’s Watson to Microsoft’s 10 Billion investment with ChatGPT to Googles flood of AI integration into all these services. However, I would advise caution on calling these services AI as they in my opinion are still VI’s or virtual intelligence systems until a true AI comes but that’s another blog for another time. These services are being used to help analyze data, help build out content for writers, create AI art, and among a few other dozen things that are specific to marketing such as spam filters, and spam checks.

From the outside, it might be seen as too good to be true with companies jumping into the AI pool as quickly as they can. While you might think if your job could become replaced with AI, anyone who works within Marketing CRM’s, Marketing CRM personnel will instead become more invaluable.

I always see anyone within the CRM world, from Dynamics, to Salesforce to any other type of system becoming in a sense a “Blade Runner” because as in the movie, we will need to make sure the AI is working accordingly and isn’t sending out improper or wrong content or information. And if it is messing up, then we will have to retire or fix the AI integration. While this might seem a little far-fetched at times, it does fit into how AI will be used as first. In my line of work as a Marketing Cloud Developer, an AI cannot set up a massive file drop automation, with data imports, custom queries, or custom API integration. This is something AI can’t do; this is something that a person will need to handle, even with being told via instructions, what I see happening is at best AI helping write some queries but it will need help with custom data integrations and rechecking its code.

Now what will AI be handling for the next few years? Well within the salesforce world, it will handle content and send time optimization and data checks. AI could be used to further create custom email content tailored to people’s locations and send times based on what they tend to open on. AI will also be able to catch what small changes could be made to content to help catch someone’s eye for them to open the email, from images to subject lines.

The people behind the curtain will not be replaced and even the people in front of the curtain won’t be replaced. AI’s will need to be checked and rechecked and constantly monitored. Copy writers, graphic designers, and email developers will be needed as well. AI will help copy writers create different variations of copy, to graphic designers being able to quickly create custom banners depending on the location, to email developers to create variations of emails depending on the location and content that has been provided.

AI is here to stay, but it is going to be here to make life more efficient and effective. I think some companies will try to remove the human element of work and realize that AI in its current state right now isn’t ready for the non-human element. People cannot be replaced, even with AI going into all aspects of our lives. I believe in the long run companies will regret the removal of people and will be quick to return to the human element in the workplace when they realize that AI is an accessory to a better workflow not a replacement to one.

Photo by Cash Macanaya on Unsplash