2024 Resolutions and Goals

With every new year, everyone will make goals and or resolutions, goals of what they want to accomplish for the year. Or sometimes people don’t make goals and that is ok too. I for one like to make goals that I hope to accomplish for this year. I think this year’s goals focus more on career and learning then anything else. I have decided to share some of them.

More focused blogs on Marketing Automation

My Career is in Marketing Cloud and I haven’t shared as much as I like. From getting more certifications and sharing knowledge or running into weird errors and sharing how to troubleshoot them, I haven’t fully focused on my skills to share knowledge and I plan on changing that this year. I have a few blogs already blueprinted out for this year and I plan on sharing more on where marketing cloud needs to go, career growth, key blogs to follow and key people to follow and how to make sure your Linkedin Profile is speaking Marketing Cloud.

More public speaking

I got another taste of it last year post covid at Texas dreaming and I am reentering to do another panel at Texas Dreaming. I have a few ideas for future panels within the Marketing Cloud space especially within the Salesforce world.

Become a Marketing Cloud Architect

This is probably one of those that will take some time, having the developer and admin certification for Marketing Cloud is a big deal and getting the consultant and then getting to that high enough level even if I have kind of sort of done that in the past I would like that to become my official title in the future.

Travel To Europe

I think this is probably my big travel goal of the year is to go to Europe and just discover new places and do a big trip since I rarely get to do that nowadays. I haven’t really done big vacations in the last year cause 2023 was full of busy time, so I am setting a goal to travel more and to get to Europe and see other cultures

Become fluent in another language.

So last year I studied with Duolingo and it has gone ok with learning Spanish but I have been told that Babbel is better. So, with that I decided to get it and have started using it already to dig into learning languages. Learning languages was already hard for me but with these apps I feel like I am retaining a lot of knowledge that wasn’t exactly learned in school.

Data Science Learning

Over the past few years I have been digging into data science and the reason for that is with the introduction of Data Cloud and Tableau within Marketing Cloud, I assume within the next few years, Marketing CRM experts will need to understand not just how to set up systems but to have an understand of nurturing data to better target in the future, plus also data science has been a fun learning experience. I bought the JetBrains data science tools and it has made my learning to go a lot faster.

I definitely won’t be able to get a master’s in data science but that doesn’t mean I still can’t try to understand it, especially with the advent of AI integrations and the fact I bought quite a number of data science books on humble bundle and have the tools to learn and keep learning. I figure since I dropped some dollars on this stuff why not do it plus its been fun learning and creating visualizations. In the past few projects, I have had to pull data and understand what’s going on and if I can help make it easier to view, why not do it? I mainly have done things in excel but why not go all out?

In Closing:

With the advent of the new year, I have decided to push onward with a more focused approached on my career growth, learning data science, another language and growing my marketing cloud architect knowledge. I do have another resolutions but those are mainly focused around catching up on my gaming back log, tv show backlog and actually buying a gaming rig but this is for more professional stuff right now.

Photo by Tomek Baginski on Unsplash