How I passed the Salesforce AI associates exam

With the upcoming advent and conversion of AI into everything. One must stay ahead and understand the many possible paths that AI could take. Salesforce has been ahead of the game and with that they put out a certification exam for AI. Let’s discuss the exam and what I studied to help me pass it.

The exam itself predicates itself on being the beginning into how AI and a CRM can work together as a whole. The exam focuses on AI basics, and dives deep into the ethical guidelines that should be applied when approaching on adding AI into your workspace and how it should be handled when dealing with customer data and information.

Salesforce Trailhead

Probably the best place to start is on trailhead with the AI associate track. This trail offers good overview on what the ever-changing landscape is for AI and how we as users of AI need to manage it and how to inform customers on how to approach it for their business.

Going through the trailhead modules, I would highly suggest paying attention to the types of use cases and the type of AI systems to use especially in the area of Ethics and Data. There is some overlap in that area due to the ethical use of any kind of data, and how you actually retrieve it, and how it is used within an AI dataset for a company.


There are a few number of AI Quizlets related to the Salesforce AI certification, and I did find these quite informative. You can really tell which quizlets are put together over others which are not. I linked to one that I used, and I find that quizlet helps with the constant reaffirming the information that needs to be remembered. I really wish I had this app in college because it helps learning easier. Just constantly reinforcing knowledge through simple few minute study sessions.

Trending AI News

This might seem like something that most don’t think about, but on Apple News I have an AI search query where I go through and read about how AI is changing other industries. As well as how these industries are adopting them from AI in health care analyzing scans to better detect cancer. Staying informed on where AI is going can help you understand the who, what, where and why for everything AI, and it could give you a go market to knowledge if you are looking to jump into the field of AI.

You can use apps like flipboard and news or an RSS feedreader, I would suggest if you aren’t tied into AI news, I would hope you get informed especially if you want to stay ahead of the game. Make it a subject and pay attention to how and what companies are doing.

In Closing:

This certification is a good steppingstone in the AI world with giving a general overview of a high-level goal. Now from here you will probably need to go outside of salesforce to learn the details of how to build AI and how it can work for you. This is just the first door, and I assume Salesforce will eventually add tougher and more focused certifications in the future for how AI will work for each of the clouds they have currently.