Gaming Access Weekly


  • Custom Forms
  • Google Analytics
  • Newsletter Integration
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Server Repairs
  • Email Management
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Server Migration
  • Weekly Back Ups


So a long time ago in another city, a friend of mine named Vanessa decided on reaching out to me telling me she wanted to build a website for gaming news. This was a massive undertaking, cause in order to compete with the likes of other gaming websites, we had to focus on making sure the website was responsive and had a very easy readability.


Our first focus when building this website was making it readable on mobile, so responsive development was the primary focus. What also had to be added in was SEO with google analytics. Also we had to have a very easy to use system with setting up categories, switching out different sections, adding and tracking ad clicks. After a while, eventually your website gets to massive for a regular hosting account and then I had to migrate it to a linux based server. This involved user management, security, SSL, email management, and just regular maintenance on the server.


This is a website I still run maintenance on, and back up weekly, the conclusion was a very happy user base that propelled this to one of the most recognized gaming sites in texas and if not one of the fastest growing ones in the US. With having a solid reader base, up to date content.