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  • Custom Contact Forms
  • Google Analytics / Jetpack
  • Disqus Comment System
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Website Maintenance 
  • Responsive Development
  • Salesforce Integration
  • Website Security


Sometimes a redesign and facelift needs to happen with a website. The idea came to Hector of how he wanted to improve on the look of the Merivis Blog. Cause there were many different categories and different focus points that he wanted to display so the goal was to final a way to show a easy to read and clean layout that will allow the user to find the categories and information in a very easy to use manner. All while integrating with salesforce.


The way I had to approach this one, wasn’t it being a business website but a web news site. Many times I was approaching it as a business website and that was a very complicated way to do that. Instead taking inspiration from many magazine / editorial websites it allowed me to spread the information across different post types and display the blog posts in a very crystal clear manner.

A role of note when creating a wordpress website that will be beyond heavy blog focused, add in analytics, disqus, and anything you will need to make sure it doesn’t get spam botted.


When you approach something, sometimes you do have to change your mind and go back to the drawing board several times before you reach the goal that definitely surprises everyone. Never accept the first round, but also keep pushing yourself to think harder and harder and even beyond that. Merivis has been very pleased with the new edit and continues to enjoy it.