Merivis Foundation


  • Website Security
  • SSL integration
  • Disqus Comment System
  • Responsive Design and Development
  • User Management
  • Google Analytics / Jetpack Analytics
  • Email Marketing Templates
  • Salesforce Integration


When I was first contacted by Hector (owner of the Merivis Foundation) he told me he needed a new website and time was of the essence. This was because of a event that the Merivis Foundation was going to be a part of at SXSW, the goals as put out were to make the website easy to use and update, read, and allow veterans to find the information they need.


When building a website that has a set deadline cause a lot of people are going to be viewing it in a short time span. Time is very important. The team at the Merivis Foundation gave me free reign when developing and building the website, we went for minimalism and simple instead of an overcrowding, in your face crammed together website. Mobile was important as well due to the fact that anyone who attends SXSW will look up a website on their phone while speaking to a company or during a speaking presentation.


With the trust that was embedded with me while coding and designing, we were able to get the website up and running within 2 weeks and well below cost estimates while maintaining Merivis’s brand and guide standards.