Salesforce Form Integration

Web Security


When my fellow developer friend Christa Clark, owner of Heartworthy Creative asked me to help set up some salesforce integration for this new client she had. So the goal was to build several salesforce forms that will collect lead data and have it sent into the proper areas of their salesforce account.


Salesforce to me is always one of those things once you figure it out you tend to get where your to quickly. Setting up the forms with the proper data always takes time when initially setting up and testing and retesting and doing it all over again is a must when you have to make sure that the data is going where it needs to. You can’t just set it up and leave it. In the end the proper salesforce forms were built and collecting data with ease.


The Salesforce integration was completed on several forms for their different users they are wanting to collect. By adding in the ability to tell where everyone is coming from allows them a better understand of who goes there and why.