Tools Of The Trade: Brackets

I often get asked about the tools that I use and thats why I am starting a section called “Tools of the Trade”. This will cover all the bases of what I use in my everyday coding life. Lets start of with a free open source coding software that I use called “Brackets”.

Now I bet you are saying “wait isn’t Brackets just the free version of Adobe Edge Code??” Well to put it simply, yes it is just that but its a great program that I enjoy using for when I have to edit stylesheets and hard coded pages. I personally find it easier to use this than any other editor for the fact that when I am editing a page, what I do crosses over in a live browser and just edits everything in real time. This editor is definitely built for the new age HTML5, CSS and Javascript. I am definitely a fan of this program because for me it makes coding easier cause you see the editor work in real time without having to refresh the page, in addition I would suggest if you do download it, make sure you have two monitors, one for the code and the other for the browser. Just makes life a whole lot easier.

If you would like to help with the Brackets Projects…check them out on Twitter and also their page on Github. Now one of the downsides to using Brackets vs Edge Code is that you don’t get access to the Edge Code tools, but that is for a completely other blog post cause thats a WHOLE other subject.