Why I choose a Windows Phone Over iOS and Android

I always get asked why I chose to go with a windows phone over iOS and android. Well it is quite a interesting story.

A long time ago, I was introduced to a iPhone edge, and it was a very opening experience. I loved the icons, the ability to touch and control the screen with such precision better than anything before it. But due to how insanely overpriced and how much the dataplans were. I decided on waiting.

It wasn’t until I got a Sony Experia Z2 that I got introduced to android. What I found better about android was the ability to control the widgets, and place such things like my calendar, weather and other items without ever opening a map.

Now one of the downsides I soon faced with android was when I got a brand new HTC inspire. Now everything was going well, till a few months later my phone wasn’t getting anymore updates. So you can guess how upset I was.

So instead of getting mad, I decided to switch over to a windows 7 phone. Which my first windows phone was the HTC Titan cause…it only cost a penny. From that moment on, I was amazed by how it was. I loved the live tiles and the interface and how clean it is. Windows phone for me was just the most amazing thing.

Then I decided to actually try my hand at development and well the rest is history but there is the basic jist of it all.