Tools of The Trade: Code Academy

I always get asked by people “Orlando where can I learn to code?” Truth be told, taking it in a college class can be tricky for the simple fact can be fast paced and can be hard to keep up. So lets start off with this simple website that has come a very long way since I first came across it a few years ago. Its called Code Academy. Well now its “Codecademy” but we can forgive such name changes.

One of the greatest things about Code Academy is the simple fact, it is a excellent teacher and its free. Its also a do it at your own pace. This website can definitely help teach you the basics and put your foot into the water for coding.

When I use to teach coding, I would always point my students towards this website cause it was definitely a great way for them to learn. I found that a lot of students liked this a whole lot more than most of the development books out there. If you are not a big coder or you want to learn jquery I suggest you try this.

Now, one of the things I have noticed is that the new versions of this website and the complete redesign is that it has become way more stable. Compared to how the website use to be, this definitely has grown and became more usable and friendly especially when you can’t figured out why your code is working.


Anyways, head over to Code Academy and start coding.