WordPress Essentials: Shortcodes Ultimate

Now here is a plugin that I have come to love and basically use with everyone of my wordpress websites that I build. If you use any kind of wordpress plugin, this will probably save you a bunch of trouble with life and help manage your blog or overall website a lot easier.


Shortcodes are definitely a must have in any wordpress website. Cause we all have been at that moment where we need to build and call data. Make spoiler sections, multiple tabs or columns in a blog post, or even calling different kinds of galleries. And what makes this even better is that you can assign classes and ID’s to each independent shortcode call.


Also one of my favorite features of this plugin is that there is a separate stylesheet just for this plugin. And not to mention its very advance and even offers coding hints for when you are building your own stylesheet and customizing each and every element.


Vladimir Anokin has done a amazing job keeping his plugin very up to date and supported. I highly commend him for that, and also the add on features expand by giving you more shortcodes that add more effects to this overall big package. Now the skins isn’t something that I really use, or the creating my own, but getting the additional shortcodes


I have yet to find a better plugin for shortcodes, but if you know something that lives beyond this one definitely let me know I would be more than happy to check it out.