Why Responsive Is Important

Windows Phone Small ScreenResponsive is different from a mobile site, lets just get that out of the way. A mobile website is specifically built for mobile. Where a responsive website builds to the screen dimensions.

Most people I have seen forgo responsive designs and or development. The reason for this is cost, time and the unknown. Responsive websites might cost a little more to develop cause you are building the website to work on every known screen type out there. But in doing this, you actually save yourself a lot of hurt in the long run.

What if I decided to make a website that is about finding information on a store. And you google/bing search that store, click on the link while you are out and about only to realize…damn this website doesn’t work on my phone. It actually will deter customers.

Now I bet you are now wondering, how does my website make customers not want to go to my store or place? Well the truth is this,the future is mobile, the future is tablets. We are moving away from desktops and moving towards a more portable means of gathering our information. That being said, building a responsive website prepares you for the future of where the web is going and adopts for all devices from all categories not just one.

Screenshot (12)

I always get asked “How will I know if a website is responsive?” Well there is something I like to do that I have dubbed “the responsive test” its very easy. Simply open any website on a desktop on any browser, grab the corner of the window and go crazy! Stretch it! Shrink it! Make it expand over duel monitors! Watch what happens! If it reacts and changes accordingly to the browser window, then you have a responsive website. Screenshot (11)