Probably one of the biggest mistakes and errors I see in web development is the way websites set set their page links. Now when you are set a link that links to another page or section on the website you always want to have it without a page pop up cause it is very annoying when you click and the pop ups happen in the same page, it is definitely a way to deter your readers when you have many pop ups happening not to mention when readers have a pop up blocker it could get flagged.

Now that being said, when you have a link to anything off your website, you always want to have it pop open to a new page cause there was some stat put out a while back that said if a user is directed away from your page, most won’t come back. So make sure you don’t have it just open to a new page, have it set to pop up or target is set to blank. This also goes double for when you are building HTML newsletters, just have every link set to pop up in a new window. Thats just a given

I know this is a amateur issue but I see a lot of websites forgot to have a pop up happen cause well its just a proper web technique. Anyways over and out.