WordPress Problems: Spam Comments

Spam is definitely a huge problems nowadays. If you are a blogger or anyone that runs a wordpress website, then you have probably run into spam comments. Now one of the best things  I can tell you is that there is a way to get everything under control.

Now one of the best thing to use is Disqus, which pronounced “Discuss”. Its a app that plugs into your wordpress build and replaces the comment section with their own system. Now I bet you are like….why not get rid of the comment section all together???

People love having a voice, and with Disqus it helps people get notified easier cause it can handle it all through their dashboard. It feels a lot less invasive than using facebook comments, or the problem with regular comments cause it gets rid of all the bothersome fields you have to fill out everytime you want to make a comment.

I would highly suggest you get this cause so many websites are moving over to this and with how amazing it is, I would highly suggest you use it cause it gets rid of the annoying spam comments and gives everyone a non invasion identity.