Surface Pro 3…Third Times a Charm


So today, Microsoft held a conference showing off its new generation of their Surface series known as now Surface Pro 3. After watching the press conference and seeing what they have done in terms of design and what its packing I honestly believe Microsoft is going in the right direction.

I can understand what their target audience is now. Their target is now to get rid of laptops completely, Microsoft sees the future as a laptop free world. They are hoping that their new 12 inch surface pro will help pull those people who can’t give up their laptops to use tablets. I really did like the point that was made during the presentation which helped back up their reasoning for making the tablet bigger. He pointed out to the people in the audience that people go to the store looking to buy a tablet but then you also need a laptop cause a tablet can’t do everything which means you carry around 2 devices and not one.

This is also the reason why the surface pro 3 is 12 inches. They found the middle ground between laptop screens and tablet screens. Also from how the screen is designed, they made the design to be around a simple notepad which they showed off in their display which is just pretty darn simple when you think about it.

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 4.01.45 PM

Now I know what you are thinking…why buy this? cause its downright expensive…the cheapest model starts at 799 and goes up to nearly 2 grand when you want the full power device. When you consider what this thing is packing which is between 4-8 gigs of ram, an 4th gen i3,i5, and i7 processor. Not to mention the screen is 2160 x 1440 and is a clear type display. And if my surface pro has taught me anything its that the clear type display is freaking clear.

So this device is definitely for the people that want that one device that does everything, it fits the build of doing more. From the looks of it, with Adobe backing this device and it also being able to run all the development programs, this is definitely for people that want to be productive while also having fun. We shall see what everyone thinks about it when the first surface pro 3’s come out and the rest come out later this year.