WordPress Essentials: SEO By Yoast

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Now for those of you who don’t know what SEO is,  it stands for Search Engine Optimization.  In basic terms… it is just a way of saying if you want Google or bing to find you… Then I suggest you add in meta data.  Cause without this,  you are basically nothing.  Seriously you aren’t.

Now why do I pick this plug in above the other SEO plug-ins? Well its pretty simple.  This one is for the die hard person who wants to be found and wants to make their meta data to be perfect.  And I do mean perfect.  This plug in has a few neat tricks.  It will scan your keywords,  post,  description,  and let you know if you are in the green or have missed it by a mile.  Most SEO plug-ins do not do that they just let you enter in your data and you don’t know if it’s even working unless you connect jet pack or google analytics.

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Another thing I love about this plugin is the social settings. Cause we all know social sharing is must if you want to get some views. You are fully able to control the image you use for the Facebook shares and even the description and title. It even carries over to twitter, I haven’t tried pinterest but I might start trying this social network.

If you are a die hard blogger, I would highly suggest that you get this plugin, it is beyond helpful and has helped me fix my SEO and build my ranking a lot better.