A Coders Impressions On Silicon Valley

The first season of Silicon Valley has ended, and with it I definitely found it to be most enjoyable. Many times I will also see movies and TV shows show off coding and “hacking” as a fun activity. Many windows of awesome opening and closing, with magical presses of the fingers. Now what Silicon Valley showed off was that coding and development takes time and actual patience and lots of energy drinks. I definitely love how they separated the different classes of coders.

I definitely enjoyed the many jokes that involved code and the utter randomness that nerds can sometimes have. I also enjoyed how the show kept it close to the real world of building a dot com as well as the many steps you have to take and the struggle and climb that many companies have to do cause well its real life.

Overall I found the show very great, and definitely educational in terms of helping people realize that building an app and planning and stuff that developers build will evolve. With all the dick jokes, and random moments of nerdism this show definitely had a certain charm to it all. Many times there were scenes were I was like damn I did that, I was there coding away at an idea I had. So I think that is why I enjoyed it, and found all the characters to be real and reminded me of coders I knew and know. I look forward to sesason 2.