Surface Pro 3 First Impressions


Well the Surface Pro 3 is finally out. After bring shown off a month ago, we have been waiting for Microsoft’s newest flagship tablet. Now after spending a weekend using this device and not just casually using it in a store or seeing demo videos online. I can honestly say, this isn’t a tablet or a laptop, its both but neither at the same time.

Now starting off with what some people would call a “steep price” I look at the specs of this tablet, and it is equal to most ultra books on the market. Plus also I understand what Microsoft was getting at in their conference when they asked people “you have a tablet…but you also have a laptop too” the point they were making was, even if you buy a 500 dollar tablet, you are still gonna want that 1200 dollar laptop. Plus you still carry around two devices.

Now I have been using the surface pro 1 for a few months, and its definitely a good device, but after spending a weekend with the surface pro 3, this is a great device. Microsoft has listened to the fans, they have fixed the touchpad, the screen is uber amazing to write on with the digital pen. And most of all the number 1 thing that they have fixed was the bloody battery life cause 4-6hours on my surface pro 1 wasn’t even close. But now it has clocked in around 10-14 depending on use and power level.

Microsoft has also listened by making the surface pro 3 very light cause the 1st and 2nd generation models were…well lets be honest they were bricks when compared to other tablets in their class. Another issue that has been fixed is heating. The surface pro 3 I have been using hasn’t gotten hot at all. It has always remained cool, which is nice cause I was always afraid ir was gonna melt my hands off.

Now I will say there are a few things thay I must pick on, the new charger won’t work with my old surface, which sucks because those things ain’t cheap! Also the window key being on the vertical side makes sense but there have been times where I do tap it while I am working so that happens and then the slide out menu I have brought out on occasion when I do press the window key.

I will be doing a follow up in a week or so cause first impressions are one thing…but long impressions are another.

Surface Pro 3 in use is the intel core i5 model.