Tools of The Trade: Smashing Magazine


I get asked often what are some good design websites to follow. Probably one of my biggest and favorite ones that I follow is Smashing Magazine. Its a design website that puts out a great design book called “The Smashing Book“. This is definitely a book every designer should at least pick up digitally or physically. It is definitely a great resource to have to stay up to date with current trends and or stuff that is happening in the design industry. It was something that was brought to my attention by one of my professors back in college when I was taking web design classes and since then I always get every smashing book every year cause its something to watch out for.

I would also suggest to anyone who is in design, or web to subscribe to their newsletter. There were many times where I would get a newsletter about new css media tricks or javascript tools that come out or one of my personal favorites. Free wordpress responsive templates and for those type people free web fonts cause who doesn’t love web fonts.

The one thing that also is great, is the many updated Ebooks smashing always puts out. It is definitely something that is for anyone out there. Currently I have about half of them, and I always try to keep up to date with the few that are coming out in the future. Especially the books that are more about web design but I am also getting into more app development.

I highly suggest that if you want to learn more cool tricks and keep up to date with digital design, check out everything that Smashing Magazine has to offer. Its definitely a resource I do enjoy using and I highly suggest designers and developers check it out, it just might help.