Surface Pro 3…A Month or so Later


Surface Pro 3…surface pro 3…surface PRO 3…its been quite a while since the 3rd generation of the surface series came out. And we both know that when we get a new piece of tech or even a car, we are sucked into that awesomeness of that new smell and all that jazz. But after a while we actually start to see the silver lining or the cracks beginning to form. A few things that I have noticed when using this device have actually come up but several other factors have definitely caught on to how good it is.

I think one of the biggest gripes I have with the new surface pro 3 is the pen. The pen was such a great thing to have in the first two surfaces but now in the redesign, the pen is kind of a drag. The pen this time around has a battery built into it, and its necessary if you want to use the cool features such as the eraser feature and also helping to wake up the surface pro sleep.

Another problem that has popped up and definitely takes away from the surface being a writing tool, is that the pen tip I found has gotten easily destroyed. After about 2 weeks of using one. I found that the pen tip while looking more tip like…to put it simply…it looks like it got destroyed. I don’t know if anyone else has had their pen fall apart but I have talked to a few of my friends say that their new pens have fallen apart and they basically don’t want to shell out the money to get a new one. This is a big issue since the pen isn’t as tough as the first one was. I am not a artist so those many points of pressure didn’t really matter.

I know one thing that still gets me everytime is the odd placement of the micro SD card slot, its under the flap and not around the outside of the tablet like it is on most tablets nowadays.

Ok what about the good? Well there is a lot of good , I feel that the keyboard is a vast improvement especially the touchpad. It feels like a laptop touchpad. I know many people were like “oh it still sucks” I beg to differ, the added size makes programming and blogging on it way easier and more relaxed. The keys are fast and responsive and its definitely more durable cause I know my touch pad on my surface pro 1 looks pretty torn.

Finally the actual surface itself still works at full speed, I have yet to experience slow down, the screen well it is the best tablet/laptop screen out there. Everything is mega fluid and crystal clear. With my surface pro 1 I would notice how hot it would get but not with the pro 3. Even when running at high performance with a lot of applications on it, still cool, and still super quiet. Also I do enjoy reading comics on this thing, the pages are crisp and easy to read. Same goes with reading any books.

Overall the surface pro 3 is a great improvement still, and it definitely still works great just after a few months just a few small setbacks involving the pen which is the only big deal. The surface pro 3 still has a impressive battery life as well as the screen is just amazing since it is trying to double as a ultrabook and bigger tablet.