Font change!

I got bored this weekend and decided to do some changes to the fonts around my website. Now I decided to go with the standard google fonts. I often find that google fonts are the easiest to deal with. I have dealt with installing fonts, using them through adobe font kit. I find the easiest fonts to deal with, and that work the quickest is the ones through google fonts. Just take the link source then you just call the font in the css and there done. Also I have realized that most browsers use these fonts a lot easier than most. I have started using Lato and Open Sans due to the way they work together. But I tried mixing and matching for a while. I tried Exo and Quicksand and source code pro. I have noticed that a lot of websites and designers are using thinner fonts and fonts that give off that clean look.

One of the fonts that definitely caught my eye was while I was watching Cosmos, I noticed that the title sequence was using the same kind of fonts, the thin lettered fonts. Well I hope these fonts choices match what designers like and use. Anyways, anyone got any favorite web fonts?