WordPress 4.0 Out Now


The newest version of WordPress arrived a few days ago and features some newly implement stuff that I know many people have been clamoring for these days. From the media grid, to the new embed that people have been asking for this is definitely a great update for wordpress.

The media grid now instead of everything being a list, everything is a media grid and flows easily and dropping and dragging images to wordpress just adds to the media grid and doesn’t have to cut to a new window its all in one place.

Now the big change, everyone knows that putting in embed videos from vimeo, youtube, or even embedded objects into wordpress is a giant pain. You gotta get the embed code, you take it, and put it in through a shortcode. Well now wordpress will make the video appear with just the share link and having to go through that entire complicated process of using a embed code is now over.

Another thing that has gotten a little update is the plugin panel, with how you can find and install plugin. This new face lift helps make it easier to learn about plugins and sort through them thanks to the grid layout.

In closing, this is a great update from the wordpress team and definitely moving into the right direction for this CMS. If you update your wordpress build, make sure to back up everything first. Anyways, if you are already using it, let me know what you think of the new build.