Adobe Dreamweaver: I love the new updates

A few weeks ago was the Adobe Max Conference and soon after that Adobe released a update to the Creative Cloud version of Dreamweaver. Now with this big update, it finally brought features that have been such a long time coming. Here are some of the new features that I actually like.

Live Code Edit-Now you can FINALLY make edits to the live code view. This seriously helps cause I now don’t need to cut out of the live view mode and go to the actually code to make edits or the preview mode. This vastly cuts down time on editing and making real time edits. Another thing that Dreamweaver has actually fixed was adding in a bunch of unnecessary code. Many times I would just use the live view mode as a “general” view but would be testing in multiple browsers as I was editing, but now I can actually rely on the new live view mode to make edits.

Typekit POWER!- Now many times everyone was always restricted to the system fonts or if you wanted to get a font onto a website you had to buy it, load it and a bunch of other stuff. This time, however Dreamweaver makes it way easier to browse through all the type kit webfont, and it still makes it easier to export the font to your website and input the font you want from type kit.

Extract-Probably my favorite feature to be added, one of the many things and troubles that I always had to run into was I would be given a PSD, and I would have to measure and slice out images and figure out what the size, color,position and everything that was used to create said website. Well now, I can upload a psd to my creative cloud and then dreamweaver basically extracts the psd data, and when I click on something on that psd, it gives me the size, color, font, size, position. What makes this even better is that it will slice out the images for me and I can save them quickly as a PNG, JPEG, or whatever I need. Being able to simple pull out the css will definitely speed up the development process and making my website a lot more accurate to what is marked up in the PSD.


Now I know I sound mega nerdy geeking out over here but adobe has done a great job with adding these additional features to the creative cloud for dreamweaver. Any developer who doesn’t like dreamweaver for one reason or another I would highly suggest you giving it another shot. Great stuff!