Don’t Lie On Your Resume…Especially Coders


If you are a coder there is no doubt you have run across a few job places that ask for something you don’t know about. You probably write it down on your resume just so you hope you can get a job interview…heres a tip…DON’T DO IT! The minute you lie, is basically when you start to dig your own grave.

Now the reason why I say this, is if you are a developer who doesn’t know anything about app development, don’t include fake experience or say you know how to program an iphone app just to get a job. Cause what will happen is you will get found out pretty fast especially if you get thrown onto a project that involves the very task you don’t know. This can very well be seen when you work on a development team and you are put in front of something you are supposed to be good at but aren’t. I have heard many stories of people being fired or let go because they didn’t fill the role completely. Always be honest about what you are applying for especially when it comes to coding, I have actually known people who have jeopardized projects and companies with not knowing what they say they know.

Now if you are like “but then I will have nothing on my resume”. Don’t worry about not having anything on your resume, put what you know and be willing to learn. One of the things you can not do is learn. There is a lot of coding languages out there and you can’t master them all but you can be knowledgeable of how they work and what they do. Thats probably one of the biggest things jobs will like. Even though you won’t be an expert at something you can still troubleshoot the problem and help figure it out.

I would also suggest having a years of experience for each of the coding languages you know, this will help deter the “oh they know this” to “oh their experience is…____years.” This can help make sure you don’t get cast into the wrong position. Also there are always going to be stuff that comes up in the interview “Oh by the way do you know this…” and of course it will be something not listed on the application and you don’t need to say yes, just be honest and say you haven’t had experience with it. Honesty is the best policy when it comes to development and this can definitely make sure you don’t get a bad rep when it comes to development world.