My Thoughts on Build 2015


Now for those of you who don’t know, Microsoft held their developers conference this week. Its known as Build. And as you can guess it was a big year for Microsoft, they definitely showed off how the company is changing and evolving into something for the better. Microsoft used to be considered this evil giant corporation that use to do things their way or else it was the highway. Well now it is a lot different, they listen to the users and make their products to help the user base. They also did some things that definitely caught me off guard, now what are these things? We will get to that in a minute.

I think the Build conference was definitely something important this year, more so than any other year. Cause with the new CEO Satya Nadella taking over, and being from the cloud world. He has definitely opened up a lot of doors that you would never think for a second would be opened. He has begun the unification process of bringing all windows platforms together under one roof. Visual Studio and the dot net platform is coming to linux AND Mac. Personally this was something I never thought I would see, not in a million years, cause for me Microsoft was definitely that giant that tried to push their own ways but as you can guess it kind of fell on its ass.

This new Microsoft and its new vision is to cater to the many, and bring everyone’s development under one roof. And I know that means reaching out to users on other platforms and letting them use the platforms but it shows that Microsoft is indeed throwing the long ball.

Now some of the things that definitely caught my eye was of course Hololens, it seems like the Hololens is what google glass was supposed to be. This type of user interface that operates in real time augmented 3D reality. Having a skype call pop up and hover in front of you reminds me of Dead Space when you use to get a video call. Yeah it reminded me of that.

Probably something else that caught my eye was of course Microsoft Edge which is the browser that will replace Internet Explorer. Yup good bye to that, now lets focus on the good, and Microsoft has basically rebuilt and honestly this reminds me of Google Chrome when it was first released, fast, edgy and made to stand out from the crowd. I just hope Microsoft doesn’t turn back into the evil do it our way giant and conforms to the standards of the web and doesn’t push their own standards on others.

Probably one of the biggest “holy smokles” of the build conference was this thing they have called “Continuum”. What is this thing you ask? Well imagine getting a document that you have to edit but you are on a trip, well take your phone plug it into a TV, or wireless monitor and you get full office. That’s right FULL office, and basically it expanding into a full desktop scaled version of windows 10 desktop. Yeah that to me was just the most insane thing I have ever seen. I realy wonder what kind of voodoo Microsoft is pulling to get that to work especially going from a phone and then it expanding? Holy smokes.

Finally the big one was the porting of apps on android and iOS over to Windows 10. Yup Microsoft is giving developers the tools to use to bring over their great apps over to their platform. No need to retool and recode…well maybe a little retooling and a little bit of code but they showed a few apps they brought over from iOS and android onto their platform. And now visual studio now supports objective c?! WHAT!

If this is anything of what Microsoft is doing, they are definitely hitting all the right bases but will over people come to it and conform to the many new changes they are bringing? Only time will tell.