OneNote Integration Comes To WordPress

Now in a recent turn of events, OneNote Integration has come to WordPress. That’s right, Microsoft’s note taking app has come to WordPress. Now I haven’t been able to completely use it yet. But from what it seems, it seems like you just blog on a onenote page then you just click on the onenote button after you install the plugin and then it imports the content into the WISYWIG. Pretty straightforward stuff. I have tried on multiple tries to upload but I keep getting hit with an error. I currently have reached out to Microsoft Support about this…and will keep you updated…but until then enjoy the source link.

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 07.55.37

I currently do use OneNote a lot and usually I blog quickly on my phone using Microsoft Word and or the wordpress app. But I would love to be able to blog and drop everything via my OneNote and just let the content handle itself. But we shall see how this actually works.