WordPress Problems: Visual Editor Not Displaying

Now surprisingly, this is becoming more and more of a problem. And from what I have encountered, it is hardly ever a “wordpress problem” but more of a browser problem.

Unblock your URL

Now believe it or not whats interesting about this issue is that if you run an ad blocker.The ad blocker for whatever reason will block the actual visual editor and all you will have is the actual text area. You can tell this cause it will block the toolbar from working and you can only see a giant blank white box.


Engage Visual Editor

As crazy as this sounds, I have known some people who have disabled the visual editor through the screen options. Yeah I know, hard to believe but sometimes people have done it. When you are in inside of a blog, in some cases, some plugins will add the visual editor to the screen options and if you uncheck the box it will completely disable it.

Turn It Back On

Now believe it or not. In your user account for wordpress there is a little check box that if you uncheck it will disable your visual editor. Yes you can easily turn it back on cause you never know. Maybe you got drunk and unchecked a button or maybe the admin is playing a cruel prank on you. So you never know.


Reinstall The Core

Now finally, the last thing that I have had to do if everything fails and its affecting every computer no matter what OS you are switching too. Sometimes the wordpress core, in the very rarest of the rare can become corrupt and has to be reinstalled. You can install it by doing the reinstall button through the wordpress dashboard or overriding the wordpress admin section.

I hope this helps someone out there but these are the few things I have had to do to get the visual editor back online. Until next time…


See you space cowboy…