My Thoughts on Windows 10 Phone Technical Preview Part 2


A few updates later, and quite a lot of fixes, we have arrived at part 2 of my review on the next version of windows for phones. Now for those of you who didn’t read my last post about my thoughts on the first update for windows 10 for phone, it was a less than stellar impressions. Well now everything I had discussed has basically been cleaned up. What i do love about these new updates is that Microsoft has fixed the text issues, the crashes, and added in way way more features.

I would say that this new update and these new builds are nearing completion. Probably one of the biggest things that I do enjoy, are all the new integration features that were missing in the last  review I wrote. From the office apps not being present and Cortana and the overall app base just crashing and the store having to be in beta and crashing a lot for me. I remember one of the crazy things that was missing for me was the camera wasn’t working on my 920, well thats fix, and I have the ability to actually save photos. With the default features added this definitely feels like a way more stable build.

Another thing that is great about this new build, is before when I was running on my 920, it was very…slow. Opening just a few apps would chug the entire phone down to a crawl. It still does that but it takes triple the apps now open to achieve such a crawl. But the apps open quicker, don’t have weird open glitches or just pausing at a black screen.

A few of the things that are still missing, are the messaging integration with skype…but pictures have leaked and I think the app will come out later in the year from the information I have gotten and read about on a few sources. But we shall see if and when that happens. What about the Continuum app? Nope that will not be coming out for any current hardware from what Microsoft has said. Sad but understandable.

Now where does Windows Phone go from here? There is still lots to do, app fixes, integrations, fixing all the bugs and general clean up. I don’t know what other features Microsoft plans on adding to Windows 10 for phones. But what I do enjoy is seeing the fact that the phone I had purchased in 2012 is still working and keeping up to date in 2015. Kind of crazy I have tech this old. Now where do we go from here…I know there will probably be a few more big updates coming on down the line and I will review on them when the time comes with the more features added in and definitely a more final build of Windows 10 but we shall see what happens in the coming months.

See you space cowboy…