What Makes Someone a Great Developer


I always seem to get asked this question. What does it take for someone to become a great developer? Well after putting many thoughts into it I believe there are many things that make a great developer and set people above the rest.


There usually comes a time that developers will have to learn something new. What it can involve is maybe a front end developer having to learn server security or a server admin learning how to deploy wordpress or drupal. It can definitely be something scary but a great developer will be willing to step out of their safe zone.  I know many times developers can be stubborn. They will not be willing to learn anything new or step outside their bounds or do anything that isn’t part of their job description. This is a very dangerous characteristic to have cause the tech industry is always evolving. I know many developers who are quite the opposite a new technology comes out they will dissect it, learn it and see how it can be used to improve their life even if it is a built a entirely other language.


I know many developers who are very tight lipped about coding and what they do and what they use. Then there are the opposite kind of developers who work characters, gather ideas, and figure out how to get stuff working in a more efficent manner. Many times I have seen developers who literally wouldn’t discuss anything with me if I wasn’t in their circle or anything like that. I have run into errors where I was stumped.  I know some people don’t like being criticized about their code. But sooner or later you will have to and you just have to accept that someone is looking at your code.

Also you never want to be the person that degrades someone code, you always want to help not hinder. Cause coding isn’t something you do in a basement anymore, gotta have some social skills and some people skills and just be nice.


There will be times when you run into a problem, you will want to flip over a computer and you will want to break your computer. Trust me, we all get to the point. But what happens is we have to get back to it and continue the good fight and finishing the project we are on and not letting the issue get to you.

You keep on working on it and as for help, there is nothing wrong with asking for help


I believe that the best developer isn’t the one who knows all the coding languages out there. They are the ones who are willing to grow and continue on growing and helping others to grow into good and even great developers. Coding is not easy and there are going to be times where you say this is it I am done with coding. and you will want to break your computer. But you will rise above it and am willing to continue and not let the code beat you then that makes you a great coding. Its all about determination and the willingness to learn as much as possible. You can achieve whatever you want in coding and development all it takes is to not be the Hollywood stereotype.

If you think I missed anything feel free to post in the comments.

See you space cowboy…