Swifting Gears

swift presentation

See what I did there? Yeah? Yeah? Anyway, sorry for the absence but I have been very much involved in learning Swift. Now why is this important? It is what Apple is moving towards and this is definitely something I want to learn. I want to jump on board the OS bandwagon and will be learning how to really build apps for iOS. Now Swift as any other language is a language I will be spending a lot of time with it relearning everything cause it has been 2-3 years since I have touched objective-C. You know what they say about if you don’t use it you tend to lose it. That comes with critical thinking and being good at something but then stopping. But as all things I consider it like riding a bike.

Now why SWIFT? Why not java for android? why not C#? Well I will probably segment into those at a later date cause as all things, they are all related and have things in common but they are different so you can expect me to touch on those in the future once I get my brain wrapped around it again because I did go to college for computer science but its been a very long time since I actually did it. I kind of feel like Tom in 500 days of summer when he decides to completely switch gears and go back into what he went to school for. So just gotta jump start the brain again and get refocused on SWIFT.

Now I bet you are wondering, what will I do about WordPress? Well…I will still be writing about wordpress. You have nothing to worry about I do have quite a few blogs in the pipeline but I do want to make sure they are good and I do have a big announcement coming in the future. For wordpress, I will also be posting ALL of my knowledge, all of the tips and and tricks. And I will also be interviewing quite a few more people when it comes to development. I have met quite a few developers over the last month due to meets up and yes you can expect a blog on the importance of meet ups.

Anyway, just wanted to give everyone a nice little heads up that I will be a novice or kind of sort of novice cause I got to relearn everything and climb back up.


see you space cowboy…