Is HTML Enough to Build A Website?


Now that question is something I always get asked…”Orlando I am learning HTML…can I build a website now?” Well to put it bluntly…NOOOOO. HTML was the only thing you needed to know when the movie space jam came out. But now websites have evolved past that. The Web isn’t just HTML, its CSS, javascript, jquery, java, PHP, sql and so on and so forth.

Now I bet you are now thinking…ok where do I go next…well the best thing to do is to master HTML and CSS, learn HTML5 and get to using PHP. I would highly suggest learning PHP because once you do that, you will have essentially learned wordpress and how it is built.

Now when attacking the bigger coding languages for web, go with javascript. That is probably the beast that translates into jquery and java itself. Now coding is definitely not for everyone, and when I use to tutor, I use to see students give up in the first semester of coding and that was just basic HTML without anything advance. It definitely takes a certain mind to actually be able to learn coding…and just web coding we aren’t even touching on app development yet.

HTML is just a stepping stone into a bigger pond of the development world. When I took up coding back in 2003, HTML was the top of the food chain, and everything else was just starting. Nowadays, you are expected to learn HTML in a quarter of a semester of college. Maybe even quicker nowadays. Now if you learn HTML then it can definitely help you understand a little bit of the web but if you want to keep on going then you can definitely master the web.