Tools of The Trade: Codepen

Another week, another tool. I haven’t done one of these in a while, so I hope you can forgive me. But this week I have a very special tool for you. It’s called Code Pen. This is another tool that is for front end developers. Its more a interactive sharing tool that allows you to post code, get insights, debug from peers and share code and ideas.

Now I know for some developers, help isn’t always something they want to do. I have noticed that there is always a stigma with certain developers and asking for help or getting insight from someone else on how to code. This hopefully can help curve that nature cause it allows you to communicate with coders who give back constructive criticism on what you are coding and if you are having trouble with a project.

Now I am the kind of developer that enjoys getting feedback or hearing about a shortcut that can help get a project done faster. I personally enjoy being able to see my project come to life when I am working on it through a browser and seeing all the code in one place, so this can definitely be a helpful tool for those of you that might have to do a project when you don’t have access to your work computer.

Probably one of the biggest downsides to code pen is that if you want all the cool features such as collaboration and real time editing between peers and team mates, thats when you got to pay. Which can run from 10 bucks a month to 40 depending on your plan. Another cool feature that you professors might like is having the ability to teach to a class over the web and having them work and collaborate together.

If you are working on a team or if you are wanting to get help on a project then this might be a tool you might want to consider. Now what about the pricing? well there is a free option and if you want to poke around and see what people are doing, I suggest you do it and just see how everyone is coding and how they complete their projects cause you might get some insight on everything. Cause the more you know the further ahead you will be in the coding world.