WordPress Experiment: Parallax With Muse

wplogoblue-stacked-rgbSo I have been trying to learn about more about Parallax design, and for lack of a better term. It is a programming and design feat. Parallax is a one page website that animates in crazy ways when you scroll to the bottom. You will see this with products being sold on websites or company websites lately.

Now I have come to realize that building a parallax website that is workable in wordpress is very hard. Now anyone can tell you that parallax is cool but what they don’t tell you is that parallax is hard. Especially when you have to combine it with a CMS system so people can freely edit it.

One thing that I have been messing around with lately is Adobe Muse. One of the many functions of Muse is to allow designers to build websites that meet web standards. Now one thing I am trying to just try out is take Adobe Muse and how it exports websites and possibly convert it over to be able to work with wordpress.

Now I know this might not be the best idea, but I plan on using Adobe Muse to see if its possible to use it to generate a frontpage layout that I can import into wordpress. That is my overall goal, the regular single pages will be built normally but I just want to see if its possible to do.

Anyways wish me luck!

PS: Head on over to Adobe and download a trial of muse to check it out!