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My Thoughts on Apples Spring Loaded Event

With another spring we get another Apple event. This time its called “Spring Loaded” which they had on 4/20…which they totally should of called it “Spring Baked” but I digress, this is one of Apples few conferences this year where they show off their new products coming out within that...

April 25, 2021
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Book Review: Leading Creative Teams

What makes a creative lead? Is it someone who understands design? Someone who knows how to fake it till they make it? What turns a creative into a creative director? Is it something people have versus what others might not have? Due to my background, I have been on Creative...

November 19, 2020
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Review: Python Crash Course

The Python Crash Course book is essentially a bootcamp put into a book. This is a very lengthy book, it isn’t something you can do overnight but is something that can take weeks and weeks because there is a lot to cover. It goes from not knowing code to building...

October 19, 2020
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Review: Trailhead GO

With Dreamforce going on, Salesforce dropped something that many had hoped for, for a long time. They have released Trailhead GO, which shifts the entire desktop experience to mobile. Since it was released I have spent the last few days diving into it, here are my initial impressions....

November 21, 2019
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Review: Smashing Book 6

So as I said in my new years resolutions I am going to try to review more books.  Let’s start with probably the last physical book I bought from Smashing Magazine. The Smashing Book 6. Synopsis: The Smashing Book series has always been one of my go to resources in...

February 7, 2019
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Has Apple Lost Its Spark?

Another fall, another Apple event. This is the time where Apple shows off its newest iphone, something they usually come out swinging and this year being the tenth anniversary of the iPhone expectations were running high…and this year they came out with a stumble? Wheres The Pow? There were quite...

September 26, 2017
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WWDC 2017: My Thoughts

June, once again the many developers and designers pack the hall in order to see what the next big thing Apple is doing software wise. A new iOS, a new MacOS and a few hardware surprises. I have been looking over everything and rethinking over and over since it debuted...

June 10, 2017
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App Review: Swift Playgrounds

With the ever expanding world of Swift and the fact that I recently purchased a new iPad. I have gone full steam ahead with learning Swift since iOS has fully shifted over into Swift, well maybe shifting. Swift is becoming more and more of a focal point for Apple and...

May 16, 2017
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App Review: Mimo

TO LEARN OR NOT TO LEARN From the makers of Swiftly and Javvy, comes a new app to learn to program called Mimo. It functions very much the same way as the original ones do. It’s a step by step learning system that you can do at your own pace…but is...

September 19, 2016
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Windows 10 Anniversary Update Impressions

  So recently Microsoft released its massive update for Windows 10 and it’s called Anniversary Update. Or if you are like me who use to do IT work back in the day…it’s a service pack. This is all part of Microsoft’s plan to turn Windows into a seamless operating system...

August 5, 2016

Review: Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter

Continuing with my next product review. I recently was gifted the wireless adapter for the surface series. Now for those of you who do not know what miracasting is. It’s when you are able to project your screen from your phone or tablet or computer even onto a tv. This...

December 6, 2015

Review: Surface Dock

So recently my parents surprised me with a early birthday gift. Cause for those of you who don’t know I got rid of my desktop and got a new Surface Pro 3, so they surprised me with a few things for my surface. So expect a review on the other...

November 27, 2015

My Thoughts on the HP Stream 7

Christmas was a week and a half, and I am sure everyone has received gifts. Recently the Microsoft store had a deal or a steal depending on what you want,  they were selling the HP Stream 7 for 100 dollars. In addition to that, they are including a year of...

January 4, 2015

Surface Pro 3…A Month or so Later

Surface Pro 3…surface pro 3…surface PRO 3…its been quite a while since the 3rd generation of the surface series came out. And we both know that when we get a new piece of tech or even a car, we are sucked into that awesomeness of that new smell and all...

August 9, 2014
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My Thoughts on the Movie “Her”

So after much of a delay, I had been able to successfully watch the movie that I have been looking forward to for a while. My expectations going in were very sparse if you could say that. The only thing I had going in was the trailer and the basic...

May 19, 2014