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Building A Healthy Coding Lifestyle

You get hired by a company. They supply endless snacks, drinks and you have to become a coding machine so you find yourself never leaving your desk, constantly chugging down energy drinks and snacking . We as developers can fall into this snackhole trap where we never leave our chair...

August 12, 2019
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Relaunched 2.0

I always believe that a website is never done, when we launch a website we have to think about where it could go next and understand that the audience will evolve further. It was over the last 2 years that I had been studying my audience through data analytics and...

June 3, 2019
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Review: Smashing Book 6

So as I said in my new years resolutions I am going to try to review more books.  Let’s start with probably the last physical book I bought from Smashing Magazine. The Smashing Book 6. Synopsis: The Smashing Book series has always been one of my go to resources in...

February 7, 2019
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Skip Hip Go For Convenience

Now here is something that I am sure a lot of people have had to go with. They get a new client or want to meet a developer. They decide to meet off site and that place is…some new coffee shop that might only have 3 parking spaces and can...

April 16, 2018
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Me A Professor? Whoa

I have always believed that sometimes life will take a curve ball, sometimes good sometimes bad. Recently, I had a friend reach out to me about spreading my WordPress knowledge. She knew I was trying to spread my knowledge through my blog and helping with a few meet ups. Well...

December 30, 2017
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Git It Here

With the expansion of my resume and skills lately, I have been asked by a few companies if they can see my github. If I am active on there or help out there. My main point of access is usually my website. But for developers to have a github gives...

July 14, 2017
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What is a Set Up Job

This is a term I use when it comes to building a website. Many of the clients I meet who have great ideas for their website but then do not like the revelation of the actual cost to building a website, or maybe in some cases they are just starting...

June 18, 2017
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App Review: Swift Playgrounds

With the ever expanding world of Swift and the fact that I recently purchased a new iPad. I have gone full steam ahead with learning Swift since iOS has fully shifted over into Swift, well maybe shifting. Swift is becoming more and more of a focal point for Apple and...

May 16, 2017
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Vetting A Freelance Developer

The other night I went to the Austin WordPress group. It was very casual and very friendly. One of the users pointed out to me that their website was made by someone who wasn’t a developer and in turn ended up with a very poor website. I realized from this...

November 30, 2016
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React This

Step 1: Read When you are a developer, we all must learn something new. I have been recently spending time with learning ReactJS. It is supposed to be a new way to build and develop UI based websites a lot faster. Instead of writing a ton of JavaScript code files,...

November 21, 2016
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App Review: Mimo

TO LEARN OR NOT TO LEARN From the makers of Swiftly and Javvy, comes a new app to learn to program called Mimo. It functions very much the same way as the original ones do. It’s a step by step learning system that you can do at your own pace…but is...

September 19, 2016
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You Get What You Pay For

A while back I was meeting with someone who wanted my help building a new complete website. We talked, we discussed, and when they asked how many hours, I gave them the hours which was 20-40. And I gave them the price and they were like ‘whoa whoa whoa’. They...

April 11, 2016

Let’s stop the mile long job requirements

If you are one of the many people out there searching for a job, you probably use job search engines like Indeed, Glassdoor, LinkedIn, or even Craigslist. I always look on the job boards to see what the growing trends are and what people are asking for lately in the...

March 2, 2016
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The Importance Of Salesforce

Many people might dismiss Salesfore as something that isn’t important; however, that being said as a front end web developer this is something you will encounter, and you should learn and fully figure out how to use. I won’t be able to post screenshots from the Salesforce Dashboards because it...

February 15, 2016

Developers, Protect Yourself

If you are like the many developers out there, sooner or later you will probably eventually work for a company. Hopefully in doing so you won’t get paired with the wrong agency or company because that could be terrible even if it does mean a steady paycheck. When applying for...

February 15, 2016
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Swifting Gears

See what I did there? Yeah? Yeah? Anyway, sorry for the absence but I have been very much involved in learning Swift. Now why is this important? It is what Apple is moving towards and this is definitely something I want to learn. I want to jump on board the...

January 23, 2016
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What is SASS?

No I am not talking about being sassy, I am talking about SASS or Systematically Awesome Style sheets, which is quickly being adopted as the new way to code your style sheets. Yes, there is now a kind of sort of quicker to code style sheets. I would say this...

November 3, 2015
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Windows Or Mac? Don’t Pick A Side

I ain’t talking about mac and cheese. Many days, there is a war going on between people. You are either a Windows person or you are a Mac person. Personally, if I were you. I would learn to use both. Put aside the fanboy stuff and why wouldn’t you want...

August 30, 2015

What Makes Someone a Great Developer

I always seem to get asked this question. What does it take for someone to become a great developer? Well after putting many thoughts into it I believe there are many things that make a great developer and set people above the rest. THE WILLINGNESS TO LEARN MORE There usually...

August 9, 2015

Where Can I Learn To Code?

Following up with why code should be taught in schools. I often get asked “But Orlando where can I learn without attending school?” Well if you are like me, being self taught is way easier than sitting through a lecture at a school. Here are a few of the resources...

June 29, 2015

Learning to Code Should be Required in Schools

Many years ago, this idea might appear as crazy cause computer programming, was seen as complicated. And well for the uber nerdy. But nowadays with how the world is ever changing and with the fact the computer isn’t limited to a office anymore but instead is found in everything. We...

June 28, 2015

Front End Vs. Back End and Then Some

There is always a big misconception with web developers and developers in general. I can not stop saying this enough. Now I bet you are wondering what is the difference between the two? A front end developer vs a back end developer? Well lets get started. Front End Developer-Everything you...

June 14, 2015